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Motorcycling is something you want to enjoy. Unfortunately, motorcyclists often experience an annoying ring in their ears and a very tired feeling after a long ride. This is caused by the high volume of wind noise under your helmet. At a speed of 120 km per hour, the volume of wind noise averages at 98 dB. This means that you already risk permanently damaging your hearing after just 7 minutes. You will also become tired more easily, due to which you are less focused in traffic. In order to avoid this, Yamaha has developed the perfect hearing protection for all types of motorcyclists.


  • Prevents hearing loss
  • Protects against harmful noise and reduces tiredness caused by wind noise
  • Comes as a pair
  • Packed in a practical travel pouch/case
  • Storage box keeps them clean when not in use
  • High quality
  • Especially made for Yamaha riders

Colour: Clear