The annual interest rate is a fixed rate for the loan term on a standard form contract. YMF may consider a range of factors when it determines the actual interest rate which will apply to each loan, including: the net amount financed and term of the loan, the complexity of the loan, the age, type and condition of the asset being financed, the borrower's credit history, the borrower's asset position and the borrower's risk assessment rating as determined by YMF.


The information provided on this website is of a general nature and for information only. Before making a decision about finance options featured on our website, you should consult with your independent legal, taxation and financial advisor, who can advise you which finance arrangement will best suits your individual circumstances, objectives and personal or commercial needs. Note: Loan applications are subject to YMF’s normal lending approval process and credit is subject to approval. Credit criteria, fees and charges, terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our General Information section for more details about our loan products, fees, charges and standard loan terms and conditions. A copy of full terms and conditions is also available on request and will be included with the loan contract and schedule. Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Ltd NZBN 9429036270798 FSP 9622