At Yamaha Motor Insurance (YMI) we know life happens, and we’ve got you covered. Our policies are designed by boating specialists and supported by the Yamaha dealer network.
We recognise that your Yamaha powered boat or WaveRunner is a treasured asset and at YMI we aim to provide you and your family with quality insurance protection so you can relax and enjoy your time on the water.
YMI is the ultimate in Yamaha powered boat or WaveRunner protection offering competitive rates along with a hassle-free claims process.
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why choose YMI/benefits YMI offers

  • 1 year replacement for tour new Yamaha Off Road bike, if the incident is a result of Fire or Theft, the Motorcycle has been declared a Total Loss
  • We will pay up to 50% of the repair cost if you have an accident
  • We will pay for loss or damage to your Motorcycle whilst it is being transported
  • Towing to the nearest repairer or place of safety