All Yamaha PWC

Most Kawasaki except some ZXI/STX models (please enquire)

All Sea-Doo 2 stoke PWC (4 stroke require MBTX30U)

Most Honda PWC

Most Polaris



1 year warranty***

AGM technology – it’s charged and ready to go from new.  Install and use.

20% higher cranking – you will notice more grunt turning the engine over – great for hard starting Yamahas

No messy liquid acid to spill or levels to monitor – maintenance free

Slower dis-charge – helps when you forget about your ski over winter

Dual positive & negative terminals for perfect fitment and ideal for extra 12V  ‘accessories’ (Jetski fishing).


NOTE:  These new technology batteries do require a smart charger for top up charging once a month if the Jetski is not in use.


 Warranty Notes:

Battery must be charged once a month when not in use.

Electrical problems which draw excessive current from the battery will damage the battery and not be covered by warranty.

The battery must be in reasonable physical condition upon return.  Obvious damage to the external battery case indicating excessive movement or vibration in the Jetski may void warranty.

In the event of a warranty claim, the battery must be returned to us for testing.

Please retain your receipt for 1 year.